John Lang has been a part of Gold Coast Real Estate since 1975 and in 1988 established an office in the Coomera area and Hinterland region.

This close association with the emerging development set Lang Realty as the benchmark for the industry in the Northern Gold Coast region and consequently been the most enduring and successful Real Estate company in this area, outselling other agencies in both residential, rural and commercial sales.

Management Philosophy

Lang Realty embraces and promotes an “image” & “loyalty” philosophy with a belief that success is built on “effective people management”, trust, respect and honest communications. The company core values include:

• Always placing the customer as #1 priority
• Recruiting the right people and ensuring they are an integral part of the business
• Economic management of company resources
• On going training and development of all employees
• Maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment
• Not to misuse authority for personal gain
• Periodic review of management and company objectives
• Assume acceptance and responsibility of subordinates’ work


The view on Real Estate has changed over the years to the point where many believe this image has now set the benchmark for other industries to follow.

Legislative controls now require agents, legal and financial institutions to ensure consumer rights and protection. Privacy access and full disclosure compliment all Real Estate transactions.

Experience Base

Association with:

• Real Estate Institute of Queensland
• Coomera Chamber of Commerce
• Salvation Army and Health Foundations
• Coomera Watersports Club
• Coomera Oxenford Youth Centre
• Gold Coast City Council Planning Authority
• Department of State Development
• Commerce Queensland
• Schools and Colleges
• Department of Main Roads
• Gold Coast Combined Chambers of Commerce
• Police Consultative Committee

Guarantee of Service

As part of our commitment to providing service of the highest standard, we provide a guarantee of service to our client base and establish high quality and ongoing partnerships with all our clients.